All About The Letteroom - Our Story


Jackie Jackson and Sherrie Mead established the letteroom in 2009 because they just simply couldn’t find a business like it!

We know we are not reinventing the wheel, more like putting all the wheels we can find into one place! We just wanted to make life easier (who doesn’t) The Internet is a wondrous thing but sometimes when you want that elusive original gift it can take hours, weeks, it can even become an impossible task, so enter the

We both loved the idea of personalised gifts, a little extra thought but without taking a lot more effort, so letters became our passion, no actually its more like an obsession, and our new party trick……. Reciting the alphabet backwards, not as easy as it sounds! But we also wanted more than just a company that sells nice things, we wanted to create somewhere that was chatty, friendly and helpful, and more about personal service than margins.

One other thing we decided was that we would only sell things that we really would buy ourselves and hopefully you will agree and buy lots of them as well!

And by the way we also have (between us) 5 children, 3 ponies, 1 dog and a much loved but sometimes forgotten hamster. We are based in a beautiful very old listed stable in Hampshire, which is lovely in the summer - coats and gloves on in the winter, but we love it. This is where everything is stored and orders taken and dispatched to our customers. It is always an oasis of calm and serenity- that last bit is a fib it’s always a little bit chaotic but we like it that way!