Sherrie Mead established the letteroom in 2009 because she simply couldn’t find another business like it  

She knew she wasn't reinventing the wheel, more a case of putting all the wheels she could find into one basket! The web is a wonderful thing but sometimes that elusive original gift can take hours, weeks even, to find - 'dah-dah', enter the letteroom.com. Our aim was to make gift buying a quick and pleasurable experience by establishing a one-stop virtual shop for fabulously quirky and original gifts. And, dare we say it, 12 years on we are pretty proud with the result - we think our site is still as unique as the gifts we sell! 

But why personalised products? Sherrie both loved the idea of giving one-of-kind gifts - they imply that great time and thought has been afforded and the recipient will think you are the bee's knees. She looked at a gap in the marketplace and LETTERS it had to be! We all quickly became obsessed with all things A-Z; our mantra was to recite the alphabet backwards (not as easy as it sounds!). We also wanted to create a company that was inviting, friendly & helpful despite only having an online presence. Vitally, she decided she would only sell things that she would buy herself - hopefully you will agree (and share our taste!). 

The letteroom started off in a little, rather drafty, barn - (although our family of 5 children, 3 ponies, 1 dog and a much loved but sometimes forgotten hamster made regular appearances). We are now privileged to employ a small army of passionate staff whom share our passion and vision - and in just a few short years, we've outgrown several warehouses. And we can now call ourselves an award winning company, having won a host over the past few years.

So, thank you for visiting. We love our customers, so many of whom return time and time again. We very much hope we can add you to that list!