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    City Desk Tidy

    Turn your desk into a mini urban landscape and keep your desk in order with these iconic buildings reproduced in wood.   Featuring 3 famous landmarks from each, you can choose from London, Paris, or New York.   Or if you’ve caught the travel bug and also happen to have a lot of…

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    Personalised Best Teacher Mug And Pencil Set

    Why not treat that special teacher type person to their very own set of personalised pencils and Personalised matching mug?   Simply enter the name and we will expertly design it into pencils and mug   The pencils come in a luxury box of the same colour and will be perfect for…

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    Personalised Alphabet Pencil Case

    This screen printed cotton canvas pencil case/bag features the whole alphabet.   Each letter hand drawn with love- with no comic sans in sight!   Made from cotton with a red ribbon zip pull and a black striped back,every detail is of very high quality the perfect gift for the…

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    Handmade Oak Organiser

    This Handmade desk organizer is made of natural oak and arranges all notes and photographs in a cool and stylish way.   Crafted natural oak board perfect for displaying images or memory notes.   A wonderful piece that will give any desk an organised update.   Perfect for all…

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    Handmade Solid Oak Desk Organiser

    This Handmade desk organiser made of natural oak arranges all notes, pencils and small desk stuff in a cool and stylish way.   It has a unique design that means you can organise pens and paper in a new and organized way.   Slot cards and notes along side your pens for easy access …

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    Personalised Tin Of Cards

    Aces high. Travel companion? Check. Boredom buster? Check. Gambling obsession? Check!   A Cool black card set personalised for a thoughtful gift   Add a name to the inside of the presentation tin for an uber cool unique gift   The cards come in either silver or gold   …

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    Scratchable Race Track Poster

    Treat yourself, or the petrolhead in your life to this poster which features 24 of the world's greatest race track in a scratchable poster.   Remove the foil to reveal 24 of the world’s most famous car and motorbike circuits, and rack up facts using the 32 page booklet included. …

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    Matchstick Pencils

    Matchstick Pencils in a Matchstick box, perfect for all stationary pyrotechnic addicts!   We wrote a list of positive and negatives for Matchstick Pencils. The only negative was that pyromaniacs may experience less satisfaction.   Safely play with matches with this set of 10…

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    Alphabet Books

    Beautifully original, each individual letter-shaped book is quality bound and finished with a gold foil embellished buckram spine. These are blank journals made from 120gsm weight cream paper stock. Display it as a lone initial, link letters with your partner, spell out a short word, or just use…

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    Scratch Map® XL Deluxe World Map Poster

    Scratch Map XL Deluxe is ready to record your travel adventures around the world. It is our most luxurious Scratch Map!   Once you've visited a country, you can remove the copper foil from the Scratch Map to reveal the finer details and gorgeous vibrant colours of that particular place…

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    Corkboard Map

    Build a version of the world the way you see it. Corkboard Map is a self adhesive map of the world fashioned from cork which serves two important functions. Firstly it looks fabulous and compliments any wall you stick it to; the world is pretty cool after all. Secondly, you can use the push pins…

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    Adventurer's Personalised Sundial & Compass

    This is a personalised Brass Compass with a unique sundial feature below which is a fully operational nautical compass. Our expert engravers will engrave your message on the Solid Brass compass lid: choose a meaningful message to make this a lifelong keepsake for the adventurer in your life -…

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    Adventure Map ™

      Adventure Map is a Scratch Map® world map poster featuring over 280 adventurous bucket list experiences, which can be uncovered as they’re completed. Imagine cage diving with sharks, scary enough? Now imagine it with crocodiles. You can get up close and personal…

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    City Scape Notes

    The perfect way to scribble notes for any city slicker!   These skyline shaped post it notes come in three iconic city editions NYC, London and Paris   They have 75 pages per pad to lots of room for doodles..   A fun little gift for anyone travelling, or studying abroad in a…

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    Deluxe Travel Scratch Map

    This is the deluxe travel edition of our bestseller, Scratch Map. The idea behind the Scratch Map Travel Edition is that you can take it with you as you journey around the globe and scratch off where you've been on route - all you do is scratch off the gold top foil layer of the place you have…

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    VW Campervan Shaped Pencil Case

    A perfect gift for anyone that loves the iconic VW Van. Rehouse your biros, highlighters and rubbers in this awesome pencil case!   Introducing our brand new mini version of the iconic VW Camper Van.- the ultimate recreational vehicle.   It would also make a great make up bag , first…

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    Cork Globe With Pushpins

      Styled on a traditional world globe, this strong cork version adds something special to the experience of getting home after your holidays away. Stick pins in the places you've been or plan your future travels on this beautiful planet! A unique change from the average world map…

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    Clear Scratch Map

    After the success of Scratch Map® Oceans poster we thought it only fair to design a clear Scratch Map® poster for those who aren’t as keen on the sea/still have nightmares about Jaws.   This clear edition Scratch Map® world map poster is printed on transparent acetate and…

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    Large Scratch Map

    The Scratch Map is an uber massive wall map of the world, featuring a gold foil top layer. The result is a totally unique and personalised world map. What a great gift and the perfect way to show off where you've been travelling while livening up your wall with a colourful world map.The…

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    Giant Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy

    The perfect gift for any office desk - a giant pencil sharpener. Do away with your old desk tidy and keep all your pens and pencils in this funky, oversized wooden pencil sharpener. It won't sharpen your giant pencils, but it will keep all your pens, pencils and other stuff looking sharp on…

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    Personalised Adventures Compass With Box

    This is a Personalised Brass Compass presented in a fine mahogany stained wooden box with monogrammed brass plate.   A perfect gift for anyone about to go travelling or as a wonderful reminder of places visited!   Our expert engravers will engrave your message on the Solid Brass…

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    Scratch Globe

    Our wonderful tricotakaidihedron brand new Scratch Globe is a globe with a difference! Easy to assemble, this globe is the perfect gift for any travel enthusiast. This really is a globe with a difference, well, a few differences. Scratch Globe is a gold foil coated map of the world which allows…

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      The Travelogue is an amazing gift for someone going off on the trip of a lifetime.   Travelogue is a beautiful quality, sumptuously designed travel journal with a stunning 64 pages of high quality paper.   Travelogue also features tips and advice, plus 8 miniature scratch…

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    USB Snap On Adventure Wristband

    Remember the golden years, when you were on holiday, and you had to go to the chemist and buy yourself six disposable cameras?   Then you’d have to find things to waste the last twenty photos on just so you could get them developed? Then you’d have to get them developed?  …

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    Alphabet Note Books

    Each individual letter-shaped book is Spiral bound and finished in a selection of different patterns .   They make super fun gifts for bookworms and for anyone who loves quirky notepaper!   These rather special letter-shaped blank journals are spiral bound and finished just like a…

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    Personalised Gift Boxed Pencils

    Why not treat your special person to their very own set of personalised pencils? Each of these vibrant coloured pencils is gold embossed, never to be lost again. Made from quality HB lead with seasoned wood that is bonded to the lead, ensuring a fine point every time you sharpen. Personalised…

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    Scratch Map® Adventure Travel Journal

    Scratch Maps with bucket list experiences to inspire your next world adventure!   This 64 page booklet has got it covered, including 300 'must do' experiences from around the world.   From wreck diving in Egypt to horseback safaris in Kenya, Scratch Map Adventure Travel…

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    Campervan Personalised Stamp

    These are lovely handmade Wooden Stamps of our favourite VW Campervan with any Personalisation you fancy.   Do you want to sign your gift tags or thank you letters using your very own Campervan Stamp?   We can add any name or message to the number plate on your Stamp, so a great gift…

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    Personalised My Life Story Diary

    A 100 year diary for you to record the events of a lifetime and pass them down through the generations.   To help you remember the special moments you never want to forget - the people you've loved; the friends you've made; the places you've visited. Record your achievements,…

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    Paw Print Personalised Stamp

    These are lovely handmade Wooden Stamps of Dog Paws and any Personalisation you fancy!   Do you want to sign your gift tags or thank you letters using your very own Pet Stamp?   We can add any name or message to go with your Paw Stamp.   All of our stamps come in 2 different…

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    Ceramic Hedgehog Money Bank

    A beautifully made Ceramic hedgehog money bank, perfect for collecting all of those pennies in!   Maths isn’t everyone’s forte and if like us you’ve never quite grasped the concept of a hedge fund, we recommend keeping it simple with Harry Hedge Fund instead.   This…

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    Procrastination Pencils

    The perfect pencils for someone who loves to put things off!   These pencils are perfect for doodling with, whilst putting off work that needs to be done!    Each one is calling out to you: "You probably need another coffee," "Hmmm..What's for lunch," and…

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    Small Aluminium Uppercase Letters

    Spell out any name or phrase with these Metal Uppercase Letters.   They can be used indoors or outdoors and would be perfect for house names and numbers!   They are available as letters and numbers , they don't come with any wall fixings but would be very easy to glue onto any…

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    Personalised My Travel Journal

    A giant diary for a lifetime of globe trotting, to make it extra special wht not have your chosen message written inside?   Never forget those memorable moments of your life,   Fill in your own checklists, recommendations and highlights.   With the My Travel journal you can…

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    Retro Peg Board

    An original retro barber's peg board. A unique and trendy way to save a thought, make an announcement or even to write down home work tasks. It would also look great in the office as a large memo board! The letters are very easy to put on and take off. Every board includes a pack of assorted…

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    Retro Smartphone Magnifier

    This Retro style Smartphone Magnifier plays your iphone videos through a retro styled magnifier on an 8" screen   Ever been in the bath and wanted to watch Netflix but the only safe spot for your phone to lean was too far away to make out Walter White’s face clearly?   Or…

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    Caution: Man Stuff Personalised Wooden Sign

    A fantastic gift for any man with (or without) a shed! Hand personalised with his name, making sure everyone knows who his man shed belongs to! If he is always tinkering around in the shed - fixing, mending and making - then this the gift for him. The sign is made from pinewood and is able to…

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    Embossed Muhammad Ali Book

    Recognised as the greatest boxer of all time. This Luxury Book is embossed with your Name on the cover and a message inside   Muhammad Ali’s glorious career is commemorated here through news coverage of the time.   From his first fight when he was still called Cassius Clay, to…

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    Copper Smartphone Projector

    With our brand new Copper Smartphone Projector going to the cinema will be a thing of the past!   Whether you’re hosting a trendy home movie night (copper is all the rage right now) or creating a slide show of embarrassing images for your best friend’s wedding reception, the…

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    Personalised Oak Photo Cube Keepsake Box

    Our Personalised Oak Photo Cube Keepsake Box is a fantastic way to display your special memories. There is space for 5 photos of your choice, each photo section holds photos sized 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm The box has one segment that comes away from the rest for easy access to the box inside, and the…

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    Mapnetic Map

    A cool write-on magnetic map for your fridge. Mapnetic is a magnetic, dry-wipe world map set that allows you to document your own or a loved ones travels and routes around the world, as well as scribble notes and messages with the dry-wipe pen included. Psst! As well as looking cool and being…

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    Family 'To Do' Wall Chart

    This list of to dos isn't a chores list by any means. It's more of a life list and the whole family can get involved The YouToDo chart has a list of fun activities for you and all your family and/or friends to tick off as you complete. On the list are all sorts of things you may or may…

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    Eric the memo elephant

    Eric is not your average Elephant…firstly he’s made of smooth white ceramic, secondly he just loves to be written on. If anyone’s ever written on you, you’ll know it tickles and is hard to get off – us humans are not made to be marked with millions of memos.  …

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    Things I'd Do For Love… Personalised Book

    Love someone more than Mickey Mouse loves Minnie? More than Homer loves beer? Then prove it by personalising this fun, hardback book with the name of your sweetheart. Complete with 15 hilariously quirky drawings. What lengths would you go to to prove how much you love someone? Would you eat 100…

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    Personalised Wedding Stickers

    These Personalised Wedding Stickers are a great way to send out a 'Save the date' or your Thank you's !   The stickers have a high gloss finish and there are 3 pages of 6 stickers in every pack.   The stickers have a high gloss finish and come to you packaged in a…

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    Alphabet Gift Box

    An original craft alphabet gift box. These come as square flat-packed boxes with a chubby white letter on three sides, a heart on the lid (great for writing messages on) and an ampersand (&) on the back. Perfect for spelling words, names or a couple's initials. You can add red grosgrain…

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    Colour and discover with this unique travel record the allows you to keep track of all the wonderful places you’ve visited by colouring them in.   Featuring maps, flags and guides all based around colouring, Colourlogue will keep you entertained for hours in those long airport queues…

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    Personalised Surprise Announcement Box

    Perfect for pregnancy reveals, birthday surprises, Christmas presents and so much more.   Give them the surprise of their lives!   Choose from six different icons, and personalise with a name on the front of the box. Inside the lid you have space for a surprise message, up to 40…