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    'Love You To The Moon And Back' Cushion

    An unusal speech bubble shaped Cushion with a message saying ' Love You To The Moon and Back' embroidered in black with silver stars .   This speech bubble cushion is made from 100% cotton.   A wonderful gift for anyone you love ..   The quote on every cushion reads…

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    Bottoms Up Pint Glass

    Keep him happy with his very own Personalised upside down Pint glass, this quirky gift is perfect for a lover of the golden nectar.   Watch his face when he tries to work out which way up it should go!   We can also Personalise your glass with any message, name or his Initials   Made…

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    Copper Gardening Tools

    These copper gardening tools will be perfect for any on trend gardener.   Not only does the trowel look good, it also has a handing planting guide etched into it. The dibber also has a measurement tool so you know exactly how far you need to go for planting your bulbs.  Choose from…

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    Cork Globe With Pushpins

      Styled on a traditional world globe, this strong cork version adds something special to the experience of getting home after your holidays away. Stick pins in the places you've been or plan your future travels on this beautiful planet! A unique change from the average world map pinboards,…

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    Corkboard Map

    Build a version of the world the way you see it. Corkboard Map is a self adhesive map of the world fashioned from cork which serves two important functions. Firstly it looks fabulous and compliments any wall you stick it to; the world is pretty cool after all. Secondly, you can use the push pins to…

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    Five go Gluten Free

    In our new series of Enid Blyton For Grown Ups books, we join George, Dick, Anne, Julian and Timmy as they attempt to go gluten free! Our Five Go Gluten Free book is a fun parody of the classic style. The book can be personalised with a name and a message to create a unique, tongue-in-cheek book.   There’s…

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    Framed Scratch Map® Deluxe

      We’ve often been asked to advise on how to mount and frame our Scratch Map® Deluxe map without damaging the gold foil. Always here to make life easier, and solve your gifting dilemmas we’ve now gone one step further and have had a limited run of hand made framed…

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    I Bloody Love My Bicycle Personalised Cufflinks

    If you're looking to gift a bike-obsessed enthusiast then this pair of cufflinks have to be top of the list !   They are Hand made from highly polished chrome, these cufflinks are the perfect accessory.   Personalise with two initials on the right cufflink and a wonderful bicycle…

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    Illuminated LED Globe Light In Concrete Grey

    A beautiful illuminated night light in the form of a stylish globe.   Light up the world with this illuminating globe. In an unsuspecting stylish concrete grey   It's the perfect lamp to sit in a bedroom on a bedside table. Presented in a gorgeous gift box it's…

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    It's Wine O'Clock Bottle Stopper

    Every time is wine time with our fabulous It's O'Clock Personalised Bottle Stopper.   This wine bottle stopper will make an original present for any wine connoisseur, or the wine drinker who never quite finishes the bottle.   They fit all wine bottles and will create an air…

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    Monogrammed Pocket Watch

    This stylish engraved Pocket watch is a fantastic gift for a Wedding Party helper or maybe for a special Big Birthday !   The watch is gold in colour and comes with a long chain and pocket clip measuring 44cm in length.   The watch face has the classic Roman numerals adding to the…

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    On Air Toothbrush Cover

      "Testing 1,2, 1, 2" The coolest toothbrush cover you're ever going to see! Keep your toothbrush clean on the road with this stylish cover inspired by retro vintage style microphones. The kind of microphone Elvis sung into, it's only fitting that it should inspire many…

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    Orange Dominoes & Gift Box

    Great quirky twist on the original - a set of bright orange fun dominoes. Nothing’ is black and white when it comes to these brilliantly bright dominoes! Rediscover this time-honored game.   Whether you’'re lining them up to knock'em down or getting competitive with friends and…

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    Personalised BBQ Toolbox

    If you’re cooking alfresco, get the right tool for the job. with our all-in-one barbecue tool box!   A BBQ that looks like a classic metal toolbox.   Folds up with a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation to the park or beach. Unfolds to reveal a warming rack and…

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    Personalised Barbecue Apron

    Who's Cooking, Whats cooking and where is it being cooked?   Personalise this apron with exactly what the king of the barbecue does best!   Serve your guests the perfect steak without getting greasy fingers on your cook books.We've moved the recipes to the place you're…

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    Personalised Barbecue Tools Gift Set

    If they are a seasoned chef or just an occasional barbeque-er, then having their own Personalised Bag of Tools will help them feel the part! The lucky recipient will have everything he or she needs to make your meal perfect as tongs, a meat brush, spatula and pronged fork made of stainless steel…

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    Personalised Beard Grooming Kit

    A Personalised Toiletry Bag Filled with everything he needs to keep his beard or moustache groomed to perfection. Personalise the bag, inside the beard design, with their name of up to 15 characters. Inside the 21 x 31cm padded canvas bag is a 300ml bottle of beard conditioner & face moisturiser,…

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    Personalised Black Leather Money Clip

    This Personalised Black Leather Money Clip can be expertly engraved with your chosen initials, It is made from black PU leather with a cream stitched trim and a cream inner lining with a hard wearing stainless steel clip. The clip will make a handy, stylish gift that will be a useful and unique…

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    Personalised Bottle Top Keyring

    A brilliant and handy gift , personalised with the recipient's name   Our Personalised Bottle Top Keyring With Bottle Opener is an incredibly handy gift that he can carry everywhere he goes.   This great tool is personalised with the name of your choice, making it truly special…

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    Personalised Dad Oak Photo Frames

    We all love our dads, and what a lovely gift this is to give; a picture in his very own personalised oak frame! Please choose the design from the menu, then fill in with your name and we will expertly engrave this for you. We can send out your order via next day delivery if you have left it…

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    Personalised Husband And Wife Books

    The perfect gift for a Paper Wedding Anniversary or any Newlywed couple.   Your names appear in the front page and the cover. Other names appear throughout the book as standard    Further personalise these classic reads by adding a personal message to the opening page.   “The…

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    Personalised Ladybird Book: The Husband

    This wonderful personalised Ladybird book is specifically designed to help grown ups understand their husbands!   “This is a husband. He may look complicated, but he is in fact very simple. He runs on sausages and beer”. Do you know someone who is struggling to understand their…

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    Personalised Lucky Sixpence Tie Clip

    This Personalised Silver Plated Sixpence tie Clip can be expertly engraved , perfect for a groom on his wedding day   The lucky sixpence was originally given to the bride from her Father and placed in her left shoe. This was to symbolise good health, as well as wealth, but most importantly…

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    Personalised Mens Accessories Storage Box

    We've created a large, spacious tie and accessory box, felt lined to keep cufflinks, ties and everything else safe, tidy and secure   Each box is engraved and then hand painted to provide the rich combination of texture and colour that makes this box so unique. ·   Made…

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    Personalised Romantic Pocket Watch

    Stylish engraved mechanical pocket watch with cut out displaying the mechanism working inside, this mesmerising pocket watch is a fantastic gift for any special occasion   Time and romance have always gone hand in hand, we particularly love the following quotes; 'Time has a wonderful…

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    Personalised Secret Message 'Qr Code' China Mug

    A Secret QR Message just for the two of you, this Bone China Mug will make a wonderfully romantic gift. This mug is perfect for anniversaries and even proposals! Simply add a message and we will turn it into a scanable QR code. Just by using a smartphone with a QR code app you can scan the mug…

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    Personalised Secret Message Belt

    A unique and perfect personalised gift for any special man. This is a very soft leather belt which you can personalise with your very own secret message. The message is printed in silver with your choice of font on the inside of the belt, so it's for your eyes only. A great gift for any…

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    Personalised Secret Message Qr Code Keyring

    Add your Initals and your very own Secret Message to this Walnut wood Keyring in a wonderful 'geeky' and cool way! This secret message keyring is a wonderfully romantic and sentimental gift as only the two of you know what the message says. Our expert engravers personalise your keyring…

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    Personalised Secret Message Tie

    A Personalised Secret Message Tie is the perfect gift for all dads, partners, or even husbands-to-be! You can put a secret message on the back of your recipients tie. Maybe the date of your wedding? Or perhaps something as simple as "I do" or "Best Dad". They also make an…

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    Personalised Secret Message Wedding Tie

    A personalised Secret Message Tie is the perfect gift for any Husband to be!   Available in a swirl pattern in Cream, Red and Grey   You can put a Secret message on the back of your tie.. maybe the date of your wedding or something as simple as "I do" or "Best Man"   They…

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    Personalised Sixpence Money Clip

    The money clip is silver plated and can be engraved with a name, date, message or initials.   The sixpence is secured to the front of the money clip and the clip can be personalised with initials at the front as well as reverse.   The clip will make a handy, stylish gift that will…

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    Personalised Wooden Bike Shed Sign

    A great gift for the man who has everything, except maybe a Harley!   If so this hand-finished wooden sign will be the perfect gift.   This hand-engraved sign will be personalised with his name   The sign is made from pine wood and is able to be hung from the thick cord…

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    Retro Camera Light

      A Retro Camera Light the perfect gift for all budding photographers ! There’s nothing wrong with being afraid of the dark. Especially when your bedside light is as cool as this. Camera Light is a rechargeable light styled as a retro camera, making for an unusual gift for any gadget…

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    Retro Smartphone Magnifier

    This Retro style Smartphone Magnifier plays your iphone videos through a retro styled magnifier on an 8" screen   Ever been in the bath and wanted to watch Netflix but the only safe spot for your phone to lean was too far away to make out Walter White’s face clearly?   Or…

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    Scratch Map® XL

      Whoever said that size doesn’t matter has clearly never seen our Scratch Map® XL world map poster… Scratch Map® XL world map is an extra large version of the original Scratch Map® . With gloss finish paper, the principle remains the same – remove…

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    Secret Message 'Qr Code' Cufflinks

    Add your secret message to these cufflinks in a wonderful 'geeky' and cool way! Men aren't always fans of hearts, flowers and pretty things They like things to be understated and most importantly cool, just like our QR code cufflinks. Personalise these cufflinks with your own secret…

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    Secret Message Melting Candle

    For a romantic night in or at a party, light the candle and wait for it to burn down to revel that secret message !   For a unique way to ask someone to marry you , or to wish them a Happy Birthday .   Each candle takes approx half an hour to burn down and there are 6 separate wicks…

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    Smartphone Projector And Speaker Copper Gift Set

    Our Smartphone Projector and Speaker Gift Set is back but this time in a stylish Copper finish.   Create intimate screenings any time, any place for all your friends and family but this time with surround sound. Smartphone Speaker plugs into your smartphone, amplifying your phones’…

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    The Pirate Bottle Opener And Corkscrew

    Do you need a fiesty pirate bottle opener and corkscrew ? Even if he only has one leg ?   A wonderful little addition to any kitchen, the Pirate Bottle Opener and Corkscrew is full of character and made from durable stainless steel to prevent any rusting or corrosion over time.   The…

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    Three Golf Club Style Pens

    If you know someone whos Golf is a little 'belowpar', then these toungue in cheek golf club pens will be sure to do the trick.   When you get bored with writing that essay you can kick back and practice your latest hole in one!   The pen is mightier than the sword, but is…

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    Wall Mounted Forest Time Clock

    This rustic wall mounted Wooden Clock is Hand Made from Oak and would make an original fifth wooden anniversary gift! Every one is slightly different due to the nature of wood.   With its natural hands and a red second hand it is a very stylish clock for any wall. The wording 'Forsetime'…

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    Wooden Heart Jigsaw Puzzle

    This wooden heart jigsaw puzzle is a rare thing, it's a beautifully romantic gift but also understated, classy and unusual.   This product is a heart-shaped jigsaw made from beautiful heat stamped wood, packaged loose in a soft touch box.   As the giver, you build the jigsaw,…

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    You complete me heart jigsaw

    This wooden heart jigsaw puzzle is a rare thing, it's a beautifully romantic gift but also understated, classy and unusual.   This product is a heart-shaped jigsaw made from beautiful heat stamped wood, packaged loose in a soft touch box.   As the giver, you build the jigsaw,…