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    Personalised Beatrix Potter Letter Chocolates

    Make any name or word with our pretty Peter Rabbit and friends Letter Chocolates   Each box fits 7 chocolates with your chosen letters or if your name has less than 7 letters we will make it up with our picture chocolates .   Perfect for thank you gifts for teachers or childrens end…

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    Unusual Alcohol Flavoured Popcorn

    This is the finest air-popped corn that comes in unusual alcohol flavours. Just in: fruity cosmopolitan flavour! If you love a gin & tonic then we have just the thing, or if you are more of a mojito person then say no more. Just select your favourite tipple from the drop down menu. Cinema…

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    Love Potion Gin Cocktail Mix

    Making your cocktail couldn't be easier. All you need to do is add alcohol! Everything you need to make delicious cocktails is right here!   Pour the contents into a jug, then add the corresponding spirit.   Give it a quick shake or stir, cover the top and leave from anywhere…

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    Marmite Popcorn

    Marmite Popcorn ,Love it or hate it, you simply have to try it!   Handmade in England, Our Marmite Popcorn has been air-popped and generously coated in our smooth caramel and delicious Marmite, for a sweet and salty snack.   It includes an "innovative, Willy Wonka-style flavour…

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    Carafe Of Cocktail Mix

    Our cocktail carafes are perfect to get the party started!    All the flavours and ingredients you need to either make Sangria or a mojitio just add the required Alcohol    Presented in an eye-catching glass carafe with cork stopper, it will also make a fabulous gift. …

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    Chocolate Easter Bunny in a Mason Jar

    Looking to gift something beyond the ubiquitous chocolate egg this Easter? Well, let us introduce you to our Chocolate Bunny in a Mason Jar. Cute, eh? Our delightful Lindt Bunnies sit on a nest of green tissue grass surrounded by pastel coloured mini speckled chocolate eggs. Each jar is…

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    Gold Monogram Mug Filled With Heart Chocolate

    This mug has an air of decadence and a contemporary charm. This beautiful mug features a gold handle and a letter from the alphabet printed in gold on the front and back. The mug is filled with yummy milk chocolate hearts, so it makes a perfect Romantic gift Gift!    The mug is made…

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    Handmade Moon Shape Teabags

    Delicate ,unique and they are perfect as a small gift or just for you   They have a sweet Sparkle Moon attached perfect for writing a message   This is for a pack of five but if you want more just add them to your cart we send them to you with free delivery   Each one is…

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    Handmade Star Shape Tea Bags

    Sparkling tea bags! Make a wish with these handmade star shaped tea bags,they come as a pack of five   They have a sweet gold sparkle shooting star attached, the back is plain so you could write a date or message to each one.   This is for a pack of five but if you want more just add…

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    Personalised Chocolate Filled Photo Cube

    Our Personalised Chocolate Filled Oak Photo Cube Keepsake Box is a fantastic way to display your special memories.   There is space for 5 photos of your choice, each photo section holds photos sized 7.5cm x 7.5cm.   Comes filled with 30 delicious Belgian chocolate hearts wrapped in…

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    Personalised Filled Festive Sweetie Box

    Filled to the brim with 10 different types of traditional British sweets this Personalised Sweet box is sure to make the perfect gift!   You are able to personalise this gift with a name of your choice making this gift that little bit more special.   The perfect thank you gift for a…

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    Personalised Moustache Chocolate Bar

    Do you know a chocoholic that likes a good moustache? Then our fantastic personalised chocolate bar will fit the bill. Each bar features a wrapper that’s personalised with any name on the front and a special message on the back. Inside the wrapper is a foil covered 100g bar of…

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    Personalised Rainforest Wreath Tea Box For Her

    A delightful Personalised Wooden Box filled with her favourite teas, the perfect Tea Lovers gift   Made from pine and personalised with a name and message of your choice..   Your personalised Tea box is filled with gloriously delicious types of Pukka tea Using the drop down on the…

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    Personalised The Ultimate Cu Tea Box

    Made from solid pine with silver clasp, each box is filled with a selection of heart-warming Pukka tea.   The perfect gift for all tea lovers   Made from pine and personalised with a name and message of your choice..   Your personalised Tea box is filled with gloriously…

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    Smartphone Projector & Popcorn Deluxe Gift Set

    Ever wanted to project your favourite movie onto the wall while you're snuggled up in bed using just your phone? Or thought it would be cool to show your mates funny videos but sometimes there's just too many of them to crowd around a small screen? Go hands free, put your feet up and view…

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    Sweet Handmade Heart Shaped Tea Bags

    These super cute handmade heart shaped tea bags are filled with English Breakfast Tea and come in a pack of five   They come with a sweet little paper Glitter heart attached, the back is plain so you could write a date or message to each one.   This is for a pack of five but if you…

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    Unicorn Tea

    Our Unicorn Tea ( bubblegum to non believers )   It comes with our wonderful tea -See the rainbow, taste the rainbow!   Our Unicorn Tea is natural black tea flavoured with bubblegum and features tiny sugared unicorns!   So next time you make a cuppa, pour some unicorn tea in…