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    Metallic Leather Effect Stickers

    Create your own personal message with these fun Metalic Leather Effect Letter Stickers   Stick them on your computer, pencil case, anywhere you can imagine!   You can very simply say whatever you want to in a 'Metallic Blingy' sort of way!   Mix and match metallic…

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    Concrete A Z Bookends

    These heavy A-Z Concrete Bookends will be a great asset to any bookself. All bookends should start at A and end in Z (well we think so)!. These are a pair of uber stylish bookends in a funky font. They will make a lovely addition to any book shelf, looking stylish while offering practical…

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    Wooden Name Train

    Our Top Selling Personalised Wooden, Magnetic Name Train.  Use the colourful letter carriages to make up your own magnetic name train with turning wheels. This personalised wooden name train will make a wonderful gift for a young child or a lovely keepsake for a newborn baby. Simply choose…

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    Building Bricks Letter

    Your very own Letter made out of orginal Lego Bricks, a unique keepsake for any bedroom or playroom.   Just select your letter and we will expertly select all the brightest lego bricks and create your original artwork.   The perfect gift for any new baby or maybe for a childhood lego…

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    Personalised Children's Colouring In Box Set

    Keep your little one's stationery neatly organised inside this attractive sturdy Wooden Box with their Name and Initial on the front. The Artists set includes 63-pieces made up of coloured pencils, crayons, markers, pastels, paint, paintbrush, a ruler, an eraser and a pencil sharpener. The…

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    Sprinkle Chocolate Letter

    Mini delicious Chocolate Letters with sprinkles whats not to love !  Also perfect to use as wedding favours using two Initals and the '&' would look very pretty on place settings. Or for an unusal way to announce a baby ! They taste as good as they look and come to you in…

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    Natural Letter Name Train

    This letter name train is the perfect gift for any little person!    You can even add a space carriage if you want two names displayed on the train.    Made from Natural wood. Carriages can be joined together with a small hook fastening.   Made From:   Wood …

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    White Light Up Letters

    Spell out any name or phrase with these fabulous freestanding Battery operated Letter Lights !   These eye catching alphabet letters HAVE matt white finish and have a lovely weight and quality.   When switched on the white LED lights give a bright eye catching glow and adds a…

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    Gold Letter Space Cushion Cover

    These Sparkly Gold Big Letter Cushion covers in boy or girl designs will be a cute way to bling up a childs bedroom   A wonderful gift for a little one, perfect to display in a nursery.   The adorable cushion cover is made from soft poly-cotton and will retain its shape as well as…

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    Alphabet Balloons

    These personalised bright letter balloons are a fantastic and original way to spell out a birthday boy or girl's name or to say something loud and clear! Use the letter balloons to say Happy Birthday, Good Luck or Bon Voyage. Let your imagination loose with what you want to say! Perfect for…

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    Personalised Night Light LED Sparkle Jar

    The perfect way to light a babys room with this Personalised sparkle jar that gives off a soft and sparkly light   The jars feature a twist-top metal lid and attached piece of rustic twine that holds a wooden heart.   Personalise the jar with your own message or just add a name …

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    Wooden Cute Animal Letters

    These Bright Fun animal Wooden Painted Letters are available in all letters of the alphabet from A-Z.   Colourful and decorative, they are just the job for personalising and spelling words, names & messages - stick them to toy boxes, doors and walls to add decorative interest and…

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    Coat Wall Sticker With Coat Hooks

    This set of five wall stickers spelling 'COATS' with matching hooks will make a bright welcome in any hallway and a fun place to hang coats.   They are super easy to put up a few turns of the screw and these coat hooks will be on your wall in super fast time!   In the box…

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    Letter Train

    This letter name train is the perfect gift for any little person!  You can even add a space carriage if you want two names displayed on the train.  Made from painted wood. Carriages can be joined together with a small hook fastening. Each letter comes in a certain colour, as…

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    Script Word Dream

    This beautiful delicate handmade wire word is a cute way to decorate your home.

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    Peter Rabbit's Little Book Of Life

    Peter Rabbits Personalised Little Book of Life is second in the series of the Peter Rabbit books.   Excerpts from Beatrix Potter’s original tales, along with the original illustrations are brilliantly teamed with frank advice The Peter Rabbit Little Guide to Life. Manners, morals,…

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    Bright Coloured Wooden Letter

    These 3D solid wooden letters are vibrant and fun. You can arrange them to spell words, names or abstract expressions. Each letter comes in its own colour and style: sometimes a lowercase letter is actually larger than the upper and vise-versa; confused?! They can stand on a shelf (they have a…

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    Bamboo Animal Letters

    These animal letters are available in all letters from A-Z. They are Made from sustainable bamboo and painted with water-based paint. They come with adhesive pads on the back of each letter and look great on children's doors or cupboards, or you can buy the ARK name plaque to put the letters on. …

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    Exclusive Heart Name Train

    Our Exclusive Personalised White Wooden Name Train will make a wonderful gift for a newborn baby or young child.   Simply choose the letters you would like to create your train. Both the track and the train are fully compatible with all other leading manufacturers.     Use the…

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    Neon Alphabet Fabric Iron On Patch

    Personalise your items with these fun neon and gold fabric iron-on patches    Decorate a favourite piece of clothing and create your own message with these colorful, iron on patches. Each patch is crafted with canvas with neon and shiny gold details.   Choose from letters A-Z,…

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    Pick and Mix Alphabet Erasers

    Build candy coloured words Classic "letterpress" style alphabets made in soft rubber. Personalise your work space with colourful 3D words. Pick & mix individual letters . Build words, spell your name, or collect the whole alphabet and write messages. A-Z @ & All the…

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    Wooden Alphabet 'Crazy Bird' Letters

    These Bright Crazy Bird Wooden Painted letters are available in all letters and will brighten up any childs bedroom or playroom. They are very colourful and decorative alphabet letters and are perfect for personalising and spelling out words which can be stuck to doors, walls or toy boxes. You…

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    Personalised Beatrix Potter Letter Chocolates

    Make any name or word with our pretty Peter Rabbit and friends Letter Chocolates   Each box fits 7 chocolates with your chosen letters or if your name has less than 7 letters we will make it up with our picture chocolates .   Perfect for thank you gifts for teachers or childrens end…

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    Personalised Alphabet Pencil Case

    This screen printed cotton canvas pencil case/bag features the whole alphabet.   Each letter hand drawn with love- with no comic sans in sight!   Made from cotton with a red ribbon zip pull and a black striped back,every detail is of very high quality the perfect gift for the…

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    Letter And Number Bricks In Carry Case

    These brightly coloured wooden play bricks are both fun and educational!   They feature letters and numbers, the perfect toy for any child.   The set contains 40 blocks and an easy to carry play mat with soft carry handles that makes tidying and storing away a quick and simple task! …

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    Pastel Name Train

    Especially for the girls... a pink engine available with a mix of pale pink and pastel letters.   Use the letter carriages to make up your own magnetic name train with turning wheels. This personalised wooden name train will make a wonderful gift for a young child or as a keepsake for a new…

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    Beatrix Potter Alphabet Mug And Chocolates

    This perfect Personalised Mug has been beautifully decorated using the original illustrations from the Beatrix Potter stories   Our childhood favourite hops into life with this Bone China Alphabet Mug.   The Mugs are available in all Letters of the Alphabet and each one has its own…

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    Chocolate Letters

    These Cute Chocolate letters are made by hand with sustainably grown chocolate. Spell out a name for the ultimate chocolate-lover’s treat. Use as a cake topper or a wedding favour Or why not follow the Dutch tradition and give the first letter of someone’s name as a wonderfully…

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    Alphabet Iron On Patches

    Our Fantastic Crazy Alphabet Letter Iron-on Patches by Jennie Maizels are just the thing to personalise anything from a pair of jeans to a napkin! Available in A-Z, ! and & ( all 3.5 cm tall, variable width and colours). They can be used to personalise your clothes, bags and gifts. Your chosen…

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    Wooden Alphabet Clown Letters

    These bright, clown wooden painted letters are available from A-Z. They are very colourful and decorative alphabet letters, perfect for personalising and spelling out words which can be stuck to doors, walls or toy boxes. They can come with adhesive pads or magnetic pads so they can be placed on…

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    Alphabet Bunting

    This Bright Fun extremely girly personalised alphabet bunting is made in miss-matching fabrics and we always choose the brightest colour combination!   Personalised bunting, with easy to button together flags that enable you to very simply say whatever you want to. You can buy…

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    Alphabet Soaps

    Washing off your daily dirt needn’t be as dull as dishwater; these contemporary charcoal soaps will add an edge to your time in the tub.    Containing no mineral oils, parabens or sodiumlaurylsulfates (SLS), these luxurious letters are suitable for all skin types.   With a…

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    Bright Alphabet Train

    This train is very similar to our best selling name train, the difference is all in the colour! We've added in some extra special ones. This wonderful brightly coloured wooden French Alphabet Train is available in 12 assorted colours and is the most colourful train around. It will make a…

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    Bright Letter Mug

    These bright alphabet mugs are available in a range of letters, helpful for knowing whose cup of tea is whose! They are made from fine bone china and are dishwasher and microwave safe. The mugs are only available in the colours that are shown when selecting your letter for the mug. Made from:…

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    Bright Letter Mug With Speckled Easter Eggs

    Bright fun Alphabet China Mugs with a Bold Letter on the front and yummy speckled mini eggs inside!   These bright alphabet mugs are available in all letters helpful for knowing who's cup of tea it is!   They are made from fine bone china and are dishwasher, microwave safe. …

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    Bright Sparkle Letters

    If you want a little Sparkle in your life, then these Super Sparkly Sequin letters will do just that !   They are available in all letters and an ampersand , and they come in sparkle silver or sparkle bright pink .   They have a hanging ring on the back so are very easy to hang on a…

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    Gold Letter Balloons

    These Gold Super Bling Letter Balloons will make any Party or Birthday look that extra bit special! A fantastically original way to spell out a Birthday Child's Name or to say something loud and clear! Use the letter balloons to say Happy Birthday, Good Luck, Bon Voyage - let your…

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    Hand Knitted Letter Sweater

    Say it better with a Letter Sweater , whatever 'it' may be. Any Letter , any size , we will hand knit this sweater just for you !   Whether you want everyone to know what your name starts with( helpful )or maybe you and some friends want to wear a not - so - secret message to…

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    Alphabet Shaped Gift Boxes

    Sweet little A-Z gift boxes, perfect for giving to some one empty or filled! They will make the perfect personalised touch to any gift and celebration You could buy a word or name that could be used afterwards for decoration and storage. They are available in the colours and patterns as shown…

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    Alphabet Books

    Beautifully original, each individual letter-shaped book is quality bound and finished with a gold foil embellished buckram spine. These are blank journals made from 120gsm weight cream paper stock. Display it as a lone initial, link letters with your partner, spell out a short word, or just use…

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    Light Up Bunting

    This Light Up Letter Bunting connects together easily, it comes in a mixture of designs for a pretty effect for any party or bedroom!   Each letter is different and comes with a different colour and pattern.   Spell out any message with this fantastic LED bunting. Each has 3…

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    Lucky Charm Alphabet Keyring

    Pretty alphabet keyrings. Each lucky charm alphabet keyring has a flat disk with your initial on, a hanging pearl and a flower, heart, star, shoe or butterfly charm. They are very pretty keyrings and would also look great hanging from a bag strap. We can also gift wrap and send directly to the…

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    Metal Alphabet Tags

    Unusual metal letter tags...what will you say? You can personalise anything using these cute metal tags. They are inspired by vintage museum badges and you can buy them as individual letters or numbers. They fold over very easily at the top so you can hang them on ribbon or string, use them as…

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    Metal Letter Pin Card

    If you liked it then you shoulda putta pin on it.   These Luxury letter enamel pins come attached to a card to give or keep!   You pin me right round baby, right round. It’s true (if you didn’t already know), pins are the perfect way to show a bit of personality.   …

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    Metallic Embroidered Monogram Luggage Tag

    Monogram embroidered metallic 'bling' luggage tags! These personalised leather luggage tags are very sparkly and will definitely make your suitcase just that little bit easier to spot! Or you could use them for putting your Oyster Card in. You would never lose it in one of these sparkly…

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    Eco Mango Wood Alphabet Tag

    These Fairtrade luggage tags are an original and fabulous way to label luggage and other items. Choose from the entire alphabet, including an ampersand. You can use them as keyrings, but please note they have a leather strap rather than a metal ring. They are made from sustainable mango wood,…

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    Big Letter Secret Message Christmas Sack

    Your Big Initial and your very own secret message hidden under the fold of your sack .. maybe a request to Santa or a thank you?   If you've been good all year, (or even if you've had the occasional hiccup along the way) you know Father Christmas would never forget you, and how…

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    Mini Sparkle Letters

    If you want a little more Sparkle in your life, then these Super Sparkly mini wall hanging letters will do just that!   They are available in all letters and an ampersand, and they come in sparkle silver or sparkle bright pink .   They have a hanging ring on the back so are very easy…