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If you hadn't guessed, we're all about everything A-Z. So here's an edit just for you, curated by our in-house alphabet experts A.K.A The Letterologists. Each letter is just as special as the person you are gifting to, so what better place to find the letter your looking for than right here...

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    Kintsugi Letter Print

    This unique Letter Print can be personalised with any initial.   The word Kintsugi comes from the Japanese word meaning 'the piece is more beautiful for having been broken'. It means highlighting imperfections rather than hiding them.   Every Letter creates a different…

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    Personalised Galvanised Planter

    Perfect for the kitchen or the garden, these versatiletaile planters are perfect for planting your favourite beautiful blooms.   To make them extra special and personal, you can choose to have a metal letter or number delicately attached with twine.   We can also send you these…

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    Industrial Metal 'Super Large' Letters

    These hand-welded industrial metal letters are big...and we mean really big! They will definitely make a statement, and will give any wall or room an industrial edge. Spell words or just use a single letter. They are meant to have an industrial feel including sharp edges and a distressed finish. …

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    Gift Card Just For Dad

    A gift card for Dad in gold glitter with a matching gold envelope ... perfect !   Wish dad a Happy Day with this unique card   It's the ideal card to put a smile on dad's face this for his Birthday or Father's Day!   We also have really really nice handwriting so…

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    Floral Letter Pouch With Tassle

    Step into spring with this floral folklore pouch, perfect for storing all your essentials in!   Select your letter from the menu for a sweet summer gift   This Folklore Alphabet Letter Pouch is perfectly personalised for lovely gifting or as a treat for yourself!   The floral…

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    Alphabet Make-Up Bag

     This stylish sleek monogrammed make up bag is the perfect place to store your brushes and lippie!  Simply Choose your letter, the bags come in either pink, mint green, navy or grey with contrasting linings depending on the letter. Letters A,D, F, G, J, L, M, N, P, S,T, and Z are…

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    Monochrome Alphabet Ceramic Mug

      These exclusive ceramic mugs are personalised with your choice of big letter using our very own Letteroom Font   Buy one for all the family and never get your tea mixed up again!   They are hand printed by us for you   Each letter has its own design and they are all…

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    Sprinkle Chocolate Letter

    Mini delicious Chocolate Letters with sprinkles whats not to love !  Also perfect to use as wedding favours using two Initals and the '&' would look very pretty on place settings. Or for an unusal way to announce a baby ! They taste as good as they look and come to you in…

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    Building Bricks Letter

    Your very own Letter made out of orginal Lego Bricks, a unique keepsake for any bedroom or playroom.   Just select your letter and we will expertly select all the brightest lego bricks and create your original artwork.   The perfect gift for any new baby or maybe for a childhood lego…

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    Framed Alphabet Jigsaw

    Jigsaws have made a comeback and now you can frame your mini work of art!   Once you have completed your puzzle simply slot it into the specially designed picture frame, ready to be hung on your wall.   The jigsaw puzzle kits include 150 pieces to create a letter and a bold black…

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    Letter Cyanotype Greetings Card

    Choose your letter and send someone special a personal message with this handmade greetings card   This card was reproduced from a handmade, original Cyanotype print, exposing beautiful botanical life, with a hand-cut paper letter.   See subtle hints of clover leaves woven in and…

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    White & Gold Letter Porcelain Mug

    This mug has an air of decadence and a contemporary charm. This beautiful mug features a gold handle and a letter from the alphabet printed in gold on the front and back.   The mug is made from porcelain. We love how the design of this product merges a modern trend with retro styling; the…

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    Heavy Neon And Concrete Letters

    We just love these heavy freestanding Neon Letters set within a concrete outer   They can be used in or outdoors, fantastic for summer parties and weddings   These neon letters in a concrete casing are making our knees go weak!   Use just one or make up a word or name, an easy…

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    Alphabet Badges

    If you liked it then you shoulda putta pin on it.   These alphabet badges say it how it is in a cool font way   Badges are the perfect way to show a bit of personality.   Pop them on your tote bag, perhaps even a favourite person. Mark your territory without leaving a…

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    China Letter Cup And Saucer Set

      These Monogrammed Bone China Cup and Saucers with distinctive GOLD handles and Letters will make a fabulous girlfriend or mum gift.   Pick your letter and make sure that no one ever steals your cup again.   Each cup and saucer is packed in a pretty pink gift box and if you…

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    Metal Letter Pin Card

    If you liked it then you shoulda putta pin on it.   These Luxury letter enamel pins come attached to a card to give or keep!   You pin me right round baby, right round. It’s true (if you didn’t already know), pins are the perfect way to show a bit of personality.   …

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    Silk Letter Eye Mask

    These Alphabet stylish luxe sleep masks are 100% silk, perfect for that slumber party and the best way to get some designer sleep   With super soft wadding, piped trim and the softest silk on both sides for a great sleep   Each sleep mask is a unique hand drawn design and hand…

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    Hand Knitted Letter Sweater

    Say it better with a Letter Sweater , whatever 'it' may be. Any Letter , any size , we will hand knit this sweater just for you !   Whether you want everyone to know what your name starts with( helpful )or maybe you and some friends want to wear a not - so - secret message to…

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    Wooden Cute Animal Letters

    These Bright Fun animal Wooden Painted Letters are available in all letters of the alphabet from A-Z.   Colourful and decorative, they are just the job for personalising and spelling words, names & messages - stick them to toy boxes, doors and walls to add decorative interest and…

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    Gift Box For Mum

    An original  gift box,perfect for sending a special message and gift to a perfect mum , sister grandmother ...   The boxes come  with 100g chocolate Red foil wrapped chocolate hearts,   All wrapped in tissue and tied with ribbon ready to delight any MUM !   They have…

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    Letter Pastel Buckets

    Our pretty pastel metal buckets can be personalised with your choice of A-Z letters, numbers or fun punctuation marks. Available in 2 x sizes, they look great when used together. They would make a wonderful centre piece or table numbers if used at a wedding or party. The buckets are water tight,…

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    Bright Sparkle Letters

    If you want a little Sparkle in your life, then these Super Sparkly Sequin letters will do just that !   They are available in all letters and an ampersand , and they come in sparkle silver or sparkle bright pink .   They have a hanging ring on the back so are very easy to hang on a…

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    Gold Letter Balloons

    These Gold Super Bling Letter Balloons will make any Party or Birthday look that extra bit special! A fantastically original way to spell out a Birthday Child's Name or to say something loud and clear! Use the letter balloons to say Happy Birthday, Good Luck, Bon Voyage - let your…

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    Chocolate Letters

    These Cute Chocolate letters are made by hand with sustainably grown chocolate. Spell out a name for the ultimate chocolate-lover’s treat. Use as a cake topper or a wedding favour Or why not follow the Dutch tradition and give the first letter of someone’s name as a wonderfully…

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    Concrete A Z Bookends

    These heavy A-Z Concrete Bookends will be a great asset to any bookself. All bookends should start at A and end in Z (well we think so)!. These are a pair of uber stylish bookends in a funky font. They will make a lovely addition to any book shelf, looking stylish while offering practical…

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    Fun Tiled Candles

    A Perfect gift for scrabble aficionados and lovers of the written word.   These sweet scrabble style candles are an unsual way to light your home   There’s nothing geeky about Scrabble players. In fact when they’re not landing on triple word squares or arguing over proper…

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    Soft Fabric Letter Cushions

    Our cute Grey letter cushions would be a lovely update for a sofa or a childs bedroom!   Ideal for romantic wordsmiths; these Letter cushions will express your feelings in a sweet not to mention, soft and squishy way.   They have the cute grey star fabric on the front and back with a…

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    Tropical Letter Print

    This unique Hand Drawn Print inspired by the tropics can be personalised with any initial or an '&' Designed with a dash of gold.   Every Letter creates a different pattern making a beautiful piece of original Art.   Also available in a heart design.   If…