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    VW Campervan Shaped Pencil Case

    A perfect gift for anyone that loves the iconic VW Van. Rehouse your biros, highlighters and rubbers in this awesome pencil case!   Introducing our brand new mini version of the iconic VW Camper Van.- the ultimate recreational vehicle.   It would also make a great make up bag , first…

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    The World's 'Greatest Dad' Jigsaw

    We all know that our dad is the best and our Personalised THE WORLD'S GREATEST DAD Jigsaw is the perfect gift to tell him! The words THE WORLD'S GREATEST DAD and the fun jigsaw shapes are standard (there are golf clubs, spanners, cars etc..). The centrepiece is shaped like a star and by…

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    Personalised Our House Map Jigsaw

    Home is where the heart is, so why not put a place you love at the heart of a personalised map jigsaw puzzle? This specially developed personalised jigsaw gift is perfect for anyone moving into a new house or to remind them of an old one! The centrepiece is shaped like a house, and by providing…

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    Bright Coloured Wooden Letter

    These 3D solid wooden letters are vibrant and fun. You can arrange them to spell words, names or abstract expressions. Each letter comes in its own colour and style: sometimes a lowercase letter is actually larger than the upper and vise-versa; confused?! They can stand on a shelf (they have a…

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    Personalised Heart Postcode Map Jigsaw

    This personalised Postcode with a Heart in the centre will make an original romantic gift for a loved one.   Your chosen location could be where you first met perhaps, or a special bar or restaurant where you used to meet, or even a secret courting place. Maybe it’s where you got…

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    Personalised Location 'Love You' Map Jigsaw

    Our fantastic personalised postcode jigsaw is a unique post code centred map jigsaw.   Where did you meet your other half? Over cocktails in a fancy hotel? At a friend’s party? In the park? The supermarket?   This jigsaw contains a number of novelty pieces known as…