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    Pet Treat Storage Tin

    A fun storage tin for pet treats (or small human treats !), you can also have a matching Blue Pet Bowl.   This playful turquoise tin is perfect for adding a splash of colour to a utility room of kitchen and for keeping pet food and treats hygienically stored.   So if you’ve…

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    Personalised Dog Treat Kilner Jar

    A fully personalised etched glass jar, perfect for keeping doggy treats in! A practical addition to any kitchen which can be used to store all kinds of pet treats. Personalise this retro label, glass, clip top jar with three lines of personalisation - every furry friend deserves their very own…

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    Personalised Dog Needs Walking Sign

    A fantastic gift for any dog owner, this double-sided wooden sign can be personalised with the name of your dog and designed to let everyone in the house know whether this is a task waiting for someone to finish! A funny yet useful gift, created specifically with families who love dogs. 'Needs…

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    Personalised Walnut Wood Pet Shaped Keyring

    These Pet shaped Keyrings are Handmade from Real Walnut Wood They all come with a sturdy silver ring and are sent out to you in a smart gift box A unique gift for any pet owner All you need to do is choose a name and we will expertly engrave your gift. All key rings are gift boxed Made from: …

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    Personalised Dog Umbrella

    Choose your favourite dog breed and add your personalisation. When it starts raining cats and dogs, you will stay dry and bright! The personalised umbrella has an automatic opening mechanism and a black wrist band at the end of the handle. We will add your favourite dog silhouette to three panels…

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    Diy Cross Stitch Dog Collar

    Personalise your dog's collar with this DIY cross stitch set.It comes with reflective thread so your dog stays safe in the dark   The kit includes Includes: 2x needles, 7x threads (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple & brown), 1x collar.   You dont have to be a…

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    Paw Print Personalised Stamp

    These are lovely handmade Wooden Stamps of Dog Paws and any Personalisation you fancy!   Do you want to sign your gift tags or thank you letters using your very own Pet Stamp?   We can add any name or message to go with your Paw Stamp.   All of our stamps come in 2 different…

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    Personalised Dog Lead Hook

    For anyone with too many dog leads ( is there such a thing ) ! This hand-finished personalised sign will be the perfect gift.   The wall hooks can be personalised with a name at the top   This sturdy high gloss sign and hanger has four hooks so it is both useful and fun !   …

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    Personalised Doggy Tote Bag

    This super sweet doggy bag has handles for ears and is fully personalised just for you.   It also comes with a cute pink sequin collar   It is made from heavy cotton canvas and will easily carry any amount of heavy shopping just the cutest bag ever!   There are two design…

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    Personalised Dogs Food Bowl

    This fun and practical ceramic Personalised pet bowl is perfect for a Dogs food or water.   Make this bowl unique by personalising it with your pets name up to 12 characters and a message   You already give them the best food, now put it in the best bowl!   Made from:   …

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    Personalised Knitted Dog Collar

    Personalised knitted dog collar will make your dog look super cute, and will add to the cute factor   The knitted collars slide directly onto the dog's neck so they stay securely attached without any discomfort or annoyance to your dog. This also means that they do not come off whilst…

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    Personalised Knitted Dog Jumper

    Instant cool for your dog ! Their very own personalised knitwear to keep them cosy on windy days   This jumper is 100% made in the UK using cotton yarns to make it a perfect washable gift.   It will take the chill off and keep them nice and warm. A true fashionista pet!   Each…

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    Personalised Necklace From The Dog

    A Personalised necklace from the dog! Something to remind you of them when they are not there or a sweet gift from mans best friend   Our lovely Pawprints Heart Tag Necklace is the perfect way to remember a beloved pet.   The pawprints come as standard on each necklace , we will…

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    Personalised Twelve Days Of Woofmas Advent

    Behind each door of the Twelve days of Woofmas your dog will discover an oat sprinkled carob biscuit that will knock thier paws off.!   All of the biscuits are made from carob, packed with vitamins B! and B2 and sprinkled with hearty oats then beautifully baked with extra crunch for healthy…

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    Personalised Wooden Cat Decoration

    Add a touch of rustic Christmas charm to your tree this year with our Personalised Christmas Cat Decoration   Give your family cat their very own and incredibly special Christmas decoration, after all it's not fair for them to miss out on all the festive fun!   Made from pine and…

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    Personalised Your Age In Dog Years Cushion

    For all dog lovers out there , we have designed a cushion cover that tells you ' ruff-ley ' how old you are in dog years!   Just enter your Birthday into the menu opposite and we will do the math using all of our fingers and toes and work out just how old you would be if you were a…